måndag 8 februari 2010

Email to Cecilia Vergara, Consulate of Sweden, Manila, Philippines

Dearest Cecilia,

I am sorry to bother you again but my condition here is not good after what happened to me losing my apartment while stranded in the Philippines for so long time...I am living here alone in a youth hostel in the middle of nowhere in a very isolated place feeling very depressed and losing my balance and my eyesight is dim also. I am unable to get help and I tried to get help through the filipino embassy in stockholm and also by contacting Fredrik Jörgensen at the foreign ministry. I also contacted my old friend the former minister of justice and he tried to help me get legal counsel to assist me but even those efforts have failed since nobody wants to represent me under these circumstances. The only thing that can help me now is if I would be able to meet Annica and perhaps her mother can come here and help take care of me so that I can recover from this ordeal which seems neverending. I am considering to try to move to Norway together with my family since it would appear that living conditions there are much better and similar to how it used to be here in Sweden when I grew up. 

Can you please do me a favor and contact Chilla Doromal at her number 09305453206 and advise her so that I can reunite with them before it's too late for me to see them. I would really appreciate if you would give me your cellphone number so that she can communicate with you directly through sms because she is staying there in Manguiles, Mahayag in Zamboanga del Sur in a very isolated location far from the nearest town, Dumingag where there is an internet cafe. 

My hands are tied here due to my condition and when I send money to them every month I can only send small amounts like 3 or 4 thousand pesos which is not enough and even then I have to cut down on my food consumption here. Apparentely they are unable to qualify for Barnbidrag since they only have samordningsnummer and not personnummer and they are residing outside of Sweden according to the Försäkringskassan.

Sincerely yours,

Christian Eidenert

    +46722029919 (Sweden Halebop)
    +639129075725 (Philippines Smart)
     hans.christian.eidenert (Skype)

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